Due to the terrible crisis in Ukraine, EURAD wants to offer our Ukrainian partner research teams the possibility to immediately apply for a EURAD Mobility Grant, if such travel is possible. We hope they are able to join some other European partner, where they can go and work for a while (weeks… few months) to continue their work in a safe environment. The EURAD Mobility Grant covers travelling and accommodation, and these costs will be included to the normal project cs (WP13, 100 % funding rate). The EURAD Mobility Grant evalostuation committee is ready to make fast decisions in this case. We will have to apply EURAD project EC rules, so the reason for mobility needs to be exchange of information / working cooperation within EURAD project scope activities.

Normally the mobility for our partners is applied via the EURAD mobility portal, but to make it easy and fast, Ukrainian partners can simply send an e-mail directly to nbelmans@sckcen.be and euradwp13@sckcen.be. The EURAD mobility evaluation committee will try give the decision in one day, and can also help you facilitate what institute/location you may want to go to.  We will take care of the formalities of the Mobility Portal later.  Please include the following information to the EURAD mobility application email:

  • Your Name, organisation
  • Suggested host organisation(s) (preferably EURAD partner), country
  • Estimated travel duration (from which we can roughly estimate travel costs, accommodation needs)
  • Would you be traveling with family (i.e. spouse, children)
  • EURAD WP linkage for mobility (which EURAD WP, linked with work in the host organisation)


We do ask our Ukrainian partners to refer their colleagues who are involved in the PREDIS project to the PREDIS website as they offer similar support to their Ukrainian partners.

Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!