As has been announced ate the EURAD General Assembly No. 7 Work Package 12 Guidance begins work on the set of guidance documents in the updated scheme for guide production.

The first topic is application of the requirement management in the management of radioactive waste.

This is to announce the Kickoff meeting which will set up the scene and prepare the initial workshop for the preparation of the general guide on the requirement management.

The online Kickoff meeting is planned online 15th November 2022 from 14:00 CET to 16:00 CET.

The purpose of the meeting is to enable participants to more efficient express their actual needs and set up the scene for the Initial workshop which is planned to mid-January. We wish to prepare scene for  active  participation of all participants and facilitate the  knowledge exchange  between  beginners and more experienced experts.

We wish to invite all people who are or will be involved in the formulation or the application of RQM, such as:

  • Experts responsible for the formulation of requirements for the implementation of the repository or planning activities supporting the formulation of requirements (including RD&D)
  • Experts responsible for the implementation and verification of requirements;
  • Experts responsible for preparing the performance assessment of the system resulting from the implementation of requirements.

The selected leading expert for this activity is Barbara Pastina from Posiva Solutions Oy. The activities will be also supported by Chief Scientific Officer of EURAD project Piet. Zuidema.

For additional information please contact Mr. Jiri Faltejsek