This report provides an overview of all webinars organised by WP13 under the umbrella of the School of Radioactive Waste Management (RWM). This includes data on the number of live attendees, the number of watched recordings and data on the feedback and mailing campaign accompanying each webinar. Thirteen L&L sessions were organised between the start of EURAD and month 36 (i.e. end of May 2022). These L&L sessions cover a wide variety of topics, such as knowledge management, site selection procedures, and deep borehole repositories, to name a few. Since the beginning, audience feedback on the L&L sessions have been very positive. The main challenges are increasing and retaining the number of watchers and to find ‘voluntary’ speakers (i.e. speakers that were not directly asked to present a topic, but who volunteer to present a topic). Despite these challenges, the L&L sessions are a success, as indicated by the attendance rate.