Overview of available PhD thesis and post-doc positions at EURAD partner organizations

TitleInstituteMentorUniversity PromotorCountry
PhD Opportunity | Durability of microporous polymers for long-term storage of organic liquidsPIMM laboratory at ENSAMBruno FAYOLLECNRSFrance
Radionuclide complexation with PhthalatesAmphos21Eli ColàsPascal ReillerSpain
Radionuclide complexation with TBP/DBPAmphos21David GarcíaBrian PowellSpain
Study of the retention processes of radioactive contaminants under disposal conditionsPhysical Chemistry of Actinides and Fission Products Unit (FAPF) (CIEMAT)Ursula AlonsoTBASpain
Coupled chemo-mechanical modelling for assessing the durability of cementitiouis materialsMines ParisTechNicolas SeigneurN.A.France
H/F postdoc in radiochemistryCNRSN.A.N.A.France
Sorption of radionuclides onto C-S-H and C-A-S-H at various degradation stagesSCK CENDurce DelphineGruyaert Elke, KU LeuvenBelgium
Mobility of fissile materials (U, Pu) in a geological disposal location for nuclear waste in clay formationsITM AtlantiqueT. SuzukiBernd Grambow, ITM AtlantiqueFrance
Multi-scale study of delayed ettringite formation in concreteSCK CENPerko JanezÖzlem Cizer, KU LeuvenBelgium
Influence of redox conditions and organic matter on the partitioning and mobility of naturally occurring radionuclides (NOR‘s) in geothermal systemsSCK CENSalah SoniaCappuyns Valérie, KU LeuvenBelgium
Investigation of the effect of the pore fluid chemistry on the hydro-mechanical behavior of Boom Clay (C-H-M coupling behavior of Boom Clay)EURIDICELi Xiang LingCollin Frédéric, Université de LiègeBelgium
Evolution of microstructure, mineralogy and mechanical properties of metakaolin-based geopolymer under irradiation at early agesSCK CENPhung Quoc TriDe Schutter Geert, Ghent UniversityBelgium