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Application deadline: March 30th 2022



The post-doc position is open in the framework of the European consortium EURAD (EUropean joint program on RADioactive waste management), more specifically in the WP CORI ( which is dedicated to the study of the interactions between cementitious materials, radionuclides and organic molecules. Our objective is to describe and understand the influence of ISA (isosaccharinic acid), which is a degradation product of cellulose present in certain wastes, on the mobility of Uranium(VI) within cementitious materials utilized as engineered barrier in a deep geological repository.


The post-doctoral fellow will carry out analytical characterization activities on samples from the experimental program (retention and transport experiments). He/she will be mainly in charge of implementing liquid chromatography techniques mainly HPLC-MS (single quad) and HPIC in order to describe the speciation of U(VI)-ISA complexes in liquid samples. Depending on his/her scientific background, the applicants will also contribute to the characterization of solid/solution interfaces by autoradiography and/or microscopy techniques.
The applicant will present his/her work during EURAD/CORI Annual meetings.


The applicant should hold a PhD in analytical chemistry or analytical geochemistry
Significant experience chromatography techniques specifically in LC-MS
Autonomy and reporting skills combined with the ability for team working
Demonstrated oral and written communication skills in English
Applicants should provide a CV and a cover letter.

Work Context

The project will be conducted within the Radiochemistry team of Subatech. The experiments will be partly carried out in facilities dedicated to the manipulation of radioactivity.

Constraints and risks

Work in a facility under radioprotection constraints. Radiation protection training will be provided by Subatech radioprotection team.