Overview of EURAD PhD students


PhD StudentStart dateEnd dateTitleUniversityPromoter
GHOSH Debabrata01/10/202130/09/2025Synergetic influence of leaching and alkali-silica reaction on the properties of cemented waste-forms containing high nitrate contentKU LeuvenÖzlem Cizer
IBRAHIM Layla01/10/202130/09/2024CHEMO-MECHANICAL COUPLING FOR MODELLING OF REINFORCED CONCRETE DISPOSAL UNDERGROUND STRUCTURESUniversité de ToulouseAlain Sellier, Laurie Lacarriere and Thierry Viadal
WEI Sean01/04/202231/12/2023Impact of bentonite dry density and particle size on microbial activities (Post-doc) Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf (HZDR)Andrea Cherkouk
CRISTOBAL Miguel01/02/202031/01/2024Effect of hydrides on the mechanical behavior of nuclear fuel claddingUniversidad Politécnica de MadridJesus Ruiz Hervias
SINGH Ananya01/09/202131/08/2025The impact of microbial metabolism on cement properties during radioactive waste disposalUniversity of ManchesterJon Lloyd
SHAMA Ahmed01/11/201730/11/2021Uncertainty quantification of spent nuclear fuel isotopic compositionsEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneAndreas Pautz
QIAN Yanting01/11/201931/10/2023Coupled adsorption and electron transfer interface reactions governing the retention of redox-sensitive Se and Tc on Fe(II)/Fe(III) bearing clay mineralsPaul Scherrer InstitutSergey Churakov
MOTA Carlos01/11/201831/10/2023Hydrothermal alteration of compacted bentonite in contact with steelAutonomous University of MadridRaùl Fernàndez Martin
DELANOË Alexis21/10/201920/01/2023Nuclear Glass/Iron/Claystone interactions : A multi-scale study reling on characterizations and modelingUniversité Paris-SaclayPhilippe Dillmann
FAIVRE Maxime01/09/202030/09/2021Numerical modelling on cracking and gas transfer (post-doc)Poitier UniversityRichard Giot
CORMAN Gilles01/06/201930/09/2022Gas transfers modelling in discrete network in the framework of nuclear waste disposalUniversité de LiègeFrédéric Collin
GUIDONE Rosa Ester01/11/201931/10/2022Sorption of low molecular weight organics on cement phases and CEM I and their effect on radionuclide uptakeKarlsruhe Institute of Technology- Institute for Nuclear Waste DisposalMarcus Altmaier
BERES Michal01/09/201501/09/2020Methods for the solution of differential equations with uncertainties in parametersTechnical University of OstravaRadim Briš
ZERVA Dimitra01/03/202001/03/2023Diffusion and Retention of surface complexing radionuclides in compacted clay mineralsUniversity of BernSergey Chukarov
AMRI Abdellah01/10/201830/09/2021A revisited hydrogen transfer model for the study of transient hydraulics-gas in a radioactive waste disposal facilityNational Polytechnic Institute of ToulouseRachic Arabou
DOMESOVA Simona01/09/201501/09/2022Bayesian approach to the identification of parameters of differential equationsTechnical University of OstravaRadim Blaheta
SZABO Peter15/10/202031/10/2020Impact of the degradation products of an ion exchange resin (UP2) on the uptake of radionuclides by cementKarlsruhe Institute of Technology- Institute for Nuclear Waste DisposalXavi Gaona; Agost Tasi
LOMONACO Julien01/10/202030/09/2023Effect of uranium oxides doping with lanthanides on the He behaviourUniversité d'OrléansMarie-France Barthe
LIAUDAT Joaquín01/04/202001/10/2021Computational modelling of gas induced fractures in low permeability porous media (post-doc)Delft University of TechnologyAnne-Catherine Dieudonné
FRACCICA Alessandro01/05/202030/04/2021HM integrity of Host rocks and engineered barrier material during and after gas injection (post-doc)Universitat Politècnica de CatalunyaEnrique Romero
LLABJANI Qazim01/10/202031/12/2024Gas-induced impacts on the barrier integrity of deep geological repository of radioactive wastesEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneAlessio Ferrari
OWUSU Jerry Peprah01/10/201930/09/2023Gas Transport Simulations in Partially Saturated Argillaceous RocksUniversity of BernSergey Chukarov
GUPTA Abhishek07/01/202031/12/2023Finite Element Method simulations of unsaturated expansive soils under complex thermal, hydraulic, mechanical and chemical conditionsAalto UniversityWojchiech Solowski
DE AMORIM Romain Rodrigues 01/10/202030/09/2023Initiation et propagation des fissures d’une roche argileuse sous pression de gaz: étude expérimentale et numérique/ Initiation and propagation of cracks in a clay rock under gas pressure: experimental and numerical studyUniversité de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour - UPPAChristian La Borderie
BOURDELOUX Constant 01/10/202030/09/2023Modélisation du comportement d’un milieu poreux fracturé face à une sollicitation au gaz/ Modelling of the behaviour of a fractured porous medium submitted to gas pressureEcole des Ponts Paris Tech - UGE - CNRSAmad Pouya
YLIHARJU Janne01/09/201930/09/2023Observation of water transport in a swelling material using X-ray tomography and 4D image analysisUniversity of JyväskyläMarkku Kataja
CHAAYA Roy01/10/201930/09/2022Mechanical and chemical coupling during the hydration of bentoniteUniversité d'OrléansHughes Raimbourg
ZALAMEA Nicolàs30/09/201930/09/2022Modelling of the THM behavior of a clay rock using a FEM2 double scale approachUniversité Grenoble AlpesPierre Bésuelle
SONG Hangbiao01/10/201930/09/2023Thermo-mechanical behavior of clayrock under high temperatureUniversité de LiègeFrédéric Collin
OLLI-PEKKA Rauhala07/05/202030/04/2024Bentonite mechanical properties in spent nuclear fuelAalto UniversityMikko Alava
AGBOLI Cedric01/10/202030/09/2023Characterization under temperature of the short and long-term behavior of argillite in the framework of underground storage of radioactive wasteUniversité de LorraineDragan Grgic
SOLANS Virginie01/09/202031/08/2024Spent nuclear fuel analysis for improved safetyUppsala UniversityPeter Jansson

Number of PhD students per work package

In the figure, an overview of the number of PhD students per EURAD Work Package is given. This figure will be updated regularly.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2021.

Overview of EURAD WPs:

  • WP2 – Assessment of Chemical Evolution of ILW and HLW Disposal Cells (ACED)
  • WP3 – Cement-Organic-Radionuclide interactions (CORI)
  • WP4 – Development and Improvement of Numerical methods and Tools for modelling coupled processes (DONUT)
  • WP5 – Fundamental Understanding of Radionuclide Retention (FUTURE)
  • WP6 – Mechanistic understanding of gas transport in clay materials (GAS)
  • WP7 – Influence of temperature on clay-based material behaviour (HITEC)
  • WP8 – Spent Fuel Characterisation and evolution until disposal (SFC)

Gender distribution in the EURAD PhD community

In the figure on the left, the gender distribution between all EURAD PhD students is shown. This figure will be updated regularly.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2021.

Nationalities of the EURAD PhD students

In the figure, the nationalities of all EURAD PhD students are shown. This figure will be updated regularly.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2021.