Numerical modelling on cracking and gas transfer (post-doc)

Start date: 01/09/2020
End date: 30/09/2021
University: Poitier University
Promotor: Richard Giot
Research performed by Maxime Faivre.

The post-doctoral work focuses on the numerical modeling of crack propagation in clay geomaterials in the presence of gas. The work is essentially a numerical implementation work. More precisely, the project aims at enriching of a model known as HHM-XFEM (Faivre et al. 2016, Paul et al. 2018), by integrating the formalism of Hydro-Mechanical couplings in a partially saturated medium in a method known as XFEM (eXtended Finite Element). The current version of the model essentially considers a saturated porous medium. An important part of the work will consist in the improvement of the propagation algorithm for the non-predefined propagation paths.

EURAD Work Packages involved