Hydrothermal alteration of compacted bentonite in contact with steel

Start date: 01/11/2018
End date: 31/10/2023
University: Autonomous University of Madrid
Promotor: Raùl Fernàndez Martin
Research performed by Carlos Mota.

Study at laboratory scale of the effects of the thermal gradient generated from the metallic container of radioactive waste, (simulated by carbon steel disks heated at 100-120 ºC), and the hydraulic gradient generated by a clayey host rock (simulated by the infiltration of saline solution at 1-2 MPa) on compacted bentonite blocks used as engineered barrier for radioactive waste confinement. The types of bentonite are studied: MX-80, FEBEX (reference bentonite in the Spanish concept for HLRW confinement) and a FEBEX bentonite saturated in Mg.

EURAD Work Packages involved