This PhD project consists on the experimental and theoretical evaluation of contaminant retention processes in the materials selected as barrier in different concepts of radioactive waste disposal systems. The main objective of the study is to improve the understanding of the mechanisms that influence the mobility of radionuclides (chemical conditions, temperature, irradiation, etc.) and of coupled processes. The experimental studies will be complemented with geochemical and thermodynamic modelling; theoretical analyses are essential to predict the behaviour of radioactive contaminants under variable spatial and temporal conditions, and they are necessary to understand the mechanisms that influence the systems safety (“Safety Case”).

The study is in line with the research developed by the Physical Chemistry of Actinides and Fission Products Unit (FAPF) of CIEMAT, within the framework of EJP-EURAD.

This offer is available until end of July 2022 via the CIEMAT employment portal:

For more information, please contact Ursulua Alonso or Tiziana Missana.