EURAD-PREDIS Summer School on Waste Acceptance Criteria

Start date:03/09/2023
End date: 09/09/2023
Beneficiary: Povilas BALCIUS
Location: Husinec-Rez Research Centre (Czech Republic)

As in other nuclear countries, the operation of the Ignalina nuclear power plant (INPP) in Lithuania has led to the accumulation of a large amount of various radioactive waste, that is currently held in interim storage. A country’s responsibility for the safe management of its SNF is acknowledged worldwide. Within the European Union (EU), directive 2011/70/EURATOM contains the provision for every member state (country) to be responsible for the implementation of the safe and sustainable solution for SNF and radioactive waste management and disposal. Researchers of Nuclear Engineering Laboratory have been actively involved in the analysis of problems related to the management of radioactive waste from INPP since 1994. For this purpose, the Laboratory performs assessments of the release of radionuclides form waste repositories, safety assessments of waste treatment technological equipment, storage and disposal facilities, environmental impact studies, contributes to the development of waste acceptance criteria, etc.
The EURAD-PREDIS Summer School on Waste Acceptance Criteria offers a great opportunity to increase my competence in this field of radioactive waste management. It will also expand the LEI researchers’ competence as knowledge sharing between researchers is a promoted work practice at LEI. This would help LEI researchers to contribute more in current and future national and EURAD work projects.

EURAD Work Packages involved