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Lunch & Learn | Update by the CORI Work Package

December 12, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Lunch&Learn session organized by CORI is summarizing main information relevant in the context of this workpackage. Aim is to introduce (i) the basic scientific facts and concepts underlying this research focused on Cement-Organics-Cement-Interactions, (ii) explain the relevance of CORI in view of enhancing Safety, and (iii) present selected technical highlights from this EURAD activity.
Scope: CORI improves the knowledge on the organic release issues which can accelerate the radionuclide migration in the context of the post closure phase of geological repositories for ILW and LLW/VLLW, including surface/shallow disposal. CORI addresses topics in the context of cement-organic-radionuclide interactions. Organic materials are present in some nuclear waste and as admixtures in cement-based materials and can potentially influence the performance of a geological disposal system. This potential effect of organic molecules is caused by the formation of complexes in solution with radionuclides which can potentially increase radionuclide solubility and/or decrease radionuclide sorption. Organic substances require increased attention since a significant quantity exists in the waste and in the cementitious materials, with a large degree of chemical diversity. Cement-based materials are degraded with time in the context of waste disposal inducing a large range of alkaline pH conditions. Alkaline pH provides specific conditions under which the organics can degrade, which contributes to increasing their potential impact on repository performance. The new scientific results from WP CORI are providing new quantitative and qualitative data as well as improved process understanding to support RWMD implementation needs and safety.

Speaker: CORI Work Package Board

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Practical details

December 12, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Organisation and target audience

Contact person:
Niels Belmans
Target audience:
EURAD Community; Civil Society; CORI end-users
Link to EURAD Roadmap theme:
3.1: Wasteforms, 3.2: Waste packages for disposal, 3..3: Buffers, backfills, plugs and seals, 3.4: Engineered Barrier System integration
Cement-Organics-Cement-Interactions; Safety; Radionuclide migration

Other details

Educational level:
EQF Level 7: equivalent to Master degree, post-graduate
60 minutes
Registration deadline: