Migration conference 2023

Start date:24/09/2023
End date: 29/09/2023
Beneficiary: Sanheng LIU
Location: SUBATECH (France)

The proposed mobility action involved attending the 18th international conference on the chemistry and migration behaviour of actinides and fissure products in the geosphere, which was held in Nantes, France. The main objective was to present the modelling and experimental results on the interaction between nuclear waste glass and cement, which is the part of the work for the EURAD-ACED project. This was a very compact conference with a lot of presentations from Europe, the US and Asia. The topics mostly center around the migration or the chemistry of radionuclides in clay or cement environments from both modelling and experimental perspectives. There was also a session decidated to the evolution of waste programs and impact on research chaired by B. Grambow and G. Montavon. There were a lot of interesting presentations about modelling. Just to name a few here: C. Tournassat gave a presentation on modelling electrostatic interactions at clay mineral surface; J. Poonoosamy gave a presentation on modelling transport-induced co-precipitation and radionuclide retention; M. Delcroix gave an introduction of his Ph.D during which he will use GRAAL2 to model glass dissolution at different pH values. I had some discussions with them during the conference. With C. Tournassat we discussed about how to handle precipitation for modelling electrostatic interaction at clay surface. With Poonoonsamy we discussed about the kinetic precipitation rate in her model. With Delcroix we talked about the potential application of GRAAL2 model for alkaline conditions. In summary, this was a very informative conference with a lot of interesting talks and fruitful discussions.


EURAD Work Packages involved