Participation in the training course “Geochemical and Reactive Transport Modelling for Geological Disposal”

Start date:06/02/2023
End date: 10/02/2023
Beneficiary: Beneficiary requested his/her name not be published online
Location: University of Bern

The safe disposal of spent nuclear fuel requires detailed knowledge of the processes and geochemical evolution of the engineered barrier system and the chosen final repository site. When it comes to high level radioactive waste, the time scales related to these processes range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years, which can only be obtained through numerical models. With previous experience in nano scale simulations of bentonite clay and cement, the objective of the mobility was to widen the applicant’s expertise into chemical transport modelling in crystalline rock and engineered barrier systems related to the KBS-3 disposal concept planned in Finland and Sweden. This 5-day training course introduced participants into the basics of geochemical and reactive transport modelling, from theory to application, in the form of classroom lectures and hands-on exercises to learn some practical skills. Multitude of real research examples were given in the context of geological disposal of radioactive waste and a number of different available software with their capabilities were introduced. This training course provided a strong background on which to build: with enough
knowledge to continue model building independently and more easily adapt to other related simulation codes. Additionally, the course gave a broad idea on the type of research that is done in other research groups world wide.

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