Participitation in Geochemical and Reactive Transport Modelling for Geological Disposal course.

Start date:06/02/2023
End date: 10/02/2023
Beneficiary: Karol KOCAN
Location: University of Bern

As a junior researcher at UJV Rez in the Czech Republic, I have been actively participating in experiments connected to EURAD FuTURE. As a crucial part of the lab work, I consider not only obtaining relevant data but also being able to use the correct models to interpret obtained data and to understand the occurring processes fully. That is the reason for attending the Geochemical and Reactive Transport Modelling course organized by EURAD, to get a better understanding of processes behind geochemical modelling and to get better at using the PHREEQC code. Successful attendance in an intensive course focusing mainly on PHREEQC modelling of the different scenarios regarding the geological disposal processes helped me see how to implement PHREEQC knowledge in my experimental work.

EURAD Work Packages involved