The Ion Beam Center is an internationally leading center of competence for the application of ion beams in materials research. Plasma and ion sources generate ions of all species at energies between eV and 60 MeV. Amongst the services offered at the IBC are ion beam modification of materials by ion implantation and irradiation, surface processing by low-energy / highly-charged ions (LEI/HCI) or focused ion beams (FIB), ion beam analysis (IBA), and accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS). Some of the IBC’s highlights include IBA set-ups for in-situ (partly real-time) thin films studies, a double beamline, a PIXE camera and an ion microprobe for chemical imaging of large samples with adaptable spatial resolution, as well as an ion microscope (ORION Nanolab) for high-resolution imaging and nanofabrication. Users of the IBC can take advantage from add-on services comprising sample preparation and clean-room processing, surface and thin film metrology (electron microscopy and spectroscopy, X-ray scattering) and the availability of specific software for the simulation of ion-related processes or data evaluation.

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