The CSA is a surface disposal facility designed for low- and intermediate-level, short-lived radioactive waste (LILW-SL). Located in the Aube district, in north-eastern France and operated by Andra since 1992, it is the second surface waste disposal facility built in France. The CSA concept is based on gradual construction of linear disposal vaults in concrete, located above the water table with a well-identified single water outlet and for a given waste inventory; its flexible architecture and modular configuration allows integration of optimized design features into the reference concept. The CSA facilities include disposal zone (vaults under construction, vaults in operation and closed vaults); pre-disposal area (Waste Conditioning Workshop, quality monitoring of packages); a temporary storage for waste packages (transit building); and support facilities. A special feature of the CSA is the underground Gravitational Separation System (RSGE) similar to that in service at the CSM.

Visits are organized for the general public and technical visits can be organized on demand for professionals, academics or students.

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