Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) consortium was founded by three research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to coordinate research activities associated with the Budapest Research Reactor (BRR). In 2005, a fourth institute joint the consortium. BNC is now a consortium of the Centre for Energy Research (CER) and the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner CRP). BNC is legally represented by the CER.
BNC – aside from operating the reactor – coordinates the use of the reactor and provides scientific infrastructure for the international user community. Currently 16 experimental stations are offered in the user programme. BNC has participated in several EU-supported programmes. The Central European Training Schools (CETS) have been organized since 1992. The primary objective of the CETS neutron schools has been to provide actual hands-practices –following a short theoretical introduction to neutron scattering and to the various neutron based methods for studying structure and composition of matter.