This deliverable issued by EURAD Work Package (WP) 13 Task 5 (Implementation of Mobility Programme) aims to describe the establishment and implementation of the EURAD Mobility Programme. It introduces the content of the Mobility Programme together with main rules and principles of its management and information related to the assessment of the Mobility Programme. It is complemented by the Mobility Programme manual to be used by the potential applicants of the EURAD Mobility Programme when preparing their application submission and asking for a mobility grant.
WP13 ‘Survey on training initiatives’ launched in 2020 in order to get an overview of the training needs and existing training courses in the field of Radioactive Waste Management gathered important information about research infrastructures which are available to Mobility Programme participants. The list of the infrastructures is included in this deliverable and also provided on EURAD School of Radioactive Waste Management website (
The mobility measures were adapted with respect to the target group’s needs, hosting organisations and types of facilities taking into account expected learning outcomes as the Mobility Programme aims to contribute to the practical skills improvement and professional growth, in particular of young scientists within radioactive waste management programmes. The Mobility Programme takes into account quality requirements for defining, monitoring and assessing the competences and skills acquired via learning outcomes, however, with respect to the budget available in the frame of EURAD.

Deliverable 13.7 can be consulted here.