The TRIGA Research Reactor ensures the technical support for testing at irradiation the nuclear fuel intended for CANDU-type nuclear power plants, as well as for testing and qualification of structural materials intended for the CANDU nuclear power plant.
The Reactor Department has unique domestic facilities which allow irradiation testing of nuclear fuel and structural materials for NPPs:
• TRIGA SSR 14MW – steady-state LWR-type research reactor, max. power 14MW, max. thermal flux 2.6 x1014 n/cm2s, rectangular irradiation channels of max. 500 x 85 x 85 mm, reflector channels Ø 32 mm with thermal neutron flux of max. 8 x 1013 n/cm2s. It is mainly used for long and medium duration irradiations of nuclear fuel, structural materials, isotope production, etc.
• TRIGA ACPR – Annular core pulsed reactor, maximum pulse power 20,000 MW with FWHM ~ 4ms, dry central channel Ø 228 x 381 mm. Mainly used to obtain experimental data on cladding failure mechanisms and threshold during power pulse conditions and to clarify fuel safety limits; to investigate thermal and mechanical behavior of nuclear fuel in fast transient conditions.

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