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Lunch & Learn | Knowledge Management in the German NWMO (BGE) – Origin, approach and practical implementation

June 29 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Gunnar Hoefer (BGE) will present and discuss the knowledge management programme at BGE, Germany. He will discuss the following:

  • Starting with a short retrospect why the BGE is the responsible Waste Management Organization including the past and current state of knowledge on nuclear waste disposal in Germany.
  • Showing the types of knowledge which has to be dealt with and how this challenge is handled in the BGE and what tools used to make them available.
    This will be supported by a “Life feed” of the software iFinder the BGE is using to make explicit knowledge available. Furthermore one or more examples will be shown for the availability of tacit knowledge showing a “Life feed” of interactive knowledge maps.
  • Finally presenting what challenges BGE knowledge management is dealing in the present and future and talking about the BGE KM concepts and how to deal with these opportunities.

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Organisation and target audience

Contact person:
Niels Belmans
Target audience:
EURAD end-users; scientists; knowledge management professionals
Link to EURAD Roadmap theme:
Nuclear knowledge management; German example; BGE

Other details

Educational level:
EQF Level 7: equivalent to Master degree, post-graduate
60 minutes
Registration deadline: