The Grimsel Test Site (GTS, Nagra’s underground research laboratory) and hosting the Grimsel Training Centre (GTC). The main RD&D activities are related to almost all aspects of radioactive waste management issues and to fundamental geosciences. The lab is accessible for training, internships and/or technical visits. The Grimsel Training Centre (GTC) provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and to provide training in the necessary skills for working underground and for the safe disposal of radioactive waste in general, Nagra established the Grimsel Training Centre (GTC) in 2017, as a permanent platform. The programme allows both tailor-made and established courses repeated every two or three years. Also, the combination of more theoretical lectures and hands-on training renders this programme very attractive for various levels of experience and expertise. High quality and relevance of the courses is achieved by involving lecturers from the GTS partner organisations.

For more information, please consult the official website or contact Ingo Blechschmidt (Nagra).