Hot Cells Facility, (Objekt Vroča Celica OVC), is intended for characterisation, sorting and treatment of radioactive materials.The OVC comprises three rooms:

A. Manipulation room

B. Central preparatory room

C. Radiological measurements room

Room B room comprises two hot cells VC1 and VC2, and eight digestors. Between the hot cells there is a depository for solid radioactive materials with 32 positions (dimensions Φ 100 mm x 100-250 mm). VC1 and digestors (D1…D4) are intended to be used for work with radioactive sources from the manipulation room A. VC2 presently serves as a radioactive material storage. Otherwise it can be upgraded for work with radioactive sources from the radiological measurements room C. The remaining four digestors (D5…D8), located within the radiological measurements room C, are used for various measurements. All rooms are under continuous radiological surveillance.

The hot cell facility of JSI is accessible for training and technical visits.

For more information, please consult the official website.