Various labs for the study of waste conditioning, conditioned waste forms and storage/disposal of conditioned waste. The labs are located both in radioactive and non-radioactive zones within SCK CEN, and are equipped with inert atmosphere glove boxes and other dedicated installations to study waste form and radionuclide behavior under dedicated conditions. The labs are also equipped with diverse analytical possibilities but can of course make use of the general analytical facilities of SCK CEN. Recently, a hot cell dedicated to study spent fuel dissolution has been put into use. In these laboratories we study following research themes: conditioning of liquid wastes and sludges by cementation or encapsulation into geopolymers; spent fuel, (doped) UO2 and glass characterization and dissolution behavior; bituminized and other organic waste problematics; cemented waste characterization, short- and long term behavior; radionuclide transport through the engineered barrier system and geosphere; THMCG behavior of clay host rock and engineered barrier materials.

The contact person for these laboratories is Christophe Bruggeman (SCK CEN).